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Registration Now Open for Inaugural Beverage Alcohol Retailers Conference

Registration Now Open for Inaugural Beverage Alcohol Retailers Conference

Minneapolis, MN (September 15, 2016)—Beverage Dynamics is pleased to announce the inaugural Beverage Alcohol Retailers Conference (BARC), taking place on June 12-14, 2017 in Minneapolis, MN.  The conference will bring together top retailers, offering in-person education and networking, something lacking in the off-premise industry. BARC is an opportunity for retailers...

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Welcome to the Handbook Store

The Beverage Information Group is proud to present its annual Handbook series.  First published over 75 years ago, our Handbooks continue to be the "go-to" source of consumption information for the Beverage Alcohol Industry.

Our store site is easy to navigate.  If you know the title of the book you wish to purchase, simply select the title from the "Products by Title" drop-down.  If you prefer to select based on the media type, select the "Products by Media" drop-down.

If you need more information on any of our titles, or if you just need a little customer service, feel free to contact Andrew Sims at (203) 855-8499 ext. 2251 or by email at


For your reference, here are quick links to our 2016 print series:



Custom Research

If your research needs are unique, we also offer custom solutions tailored to your needs.  Our services include historical data reports, cross-category data mining, forecasting, category comparisons, brand analysis and more.  Visit the custom research page for more information.