•New Executive Reports Highlight Alcohol Trends

New Executive Report Suite Illuminates Actionable Beverage Alcohol Trends


Norwalk, Conn., (June 9, 2014) – Wine and spirits consumption is increasing and consumers are trading up to premium products, but understanding and capitalizing on those trends isn’t as simple as recognizing them. Two new products from the Beverage Information & Insights Group (BIIG) provide beverage alcohol executives targeted insight into what’s driving industry consumption and sales trends. 

The 2014 Adult Beverage Executive Analysis and Scorecard and the 2014 Growth Brands Report provide a clear and concise state of the industry, giving a benchmark for comparison against any brand portfolio. Both reports are must-haves for executives interested in uncovering new business opportunities, enhancing sales strategies and capitalizing on marketing spend. 

The Adult Beverage Executive Analysis and Scorecard details wine, spirits and beer trends using data hand-selected for key decision makers by our research team and industry veteran Mike Ginley. The report features data at the brand and category level - including the latest BIIG statistics, a predictive outlook for the coming year and historical comparisons. The compact analysis gives executives actionable intelligence, allowing them to react immediately to market changes.

The Growth Brand Report presents a detailed analysis of the fastest-growing wine and spirits brands, defined by the exclusive BIIG methodology used to determine the annual Growth Brand Awards. The report includes wine and spirits data in four segments – Fast Track Brands, Rising Stars, Established Growth Brands and Comeback Brands, along with editorial describing the trends and consumption patterns impacting the award winners’ sales. It’s designed specifically for retailers, restaurateurs and other industry professionals seeking insight into existing and emerging trends. 

The cost of the 2014 Growth Brands Report or the 2014 Adult Beverage Executive Analysis and Scorecard is $495 each. Both are available online as a downloadable PDF and they can be purchased at or by calling Cynthia Porter at (630) 762-8709.



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•Distilled Spirits, Wine Consumption Grows; Craft Beer Still Building

Distilled Spirits, Wine Consumption Continued to Rise in 2013;
Beer Saw Pockets of Growth

It was another positive year for the distilled spirits and wine industries, as each posted gains in both volume and dollar sales, although growth slowed from years past.  The beer industry also saw success in some categories, but was unable to post its second year of increases overall.  Slowed and declined growth may be attributed to factors such as decreased labor force participation and the government shutdown.  These obstacles affected consumer confidence and spending, as well as halted the introduction of new products. 

According to the Beverage Information Group’s Handbook Advance 2014, Distilled Spirits experienced its 17th year of growth, increasing 2.4%. Continued interest in super-premium products, increased advertising and modernization of spirits laws contributed to this growth.  Straight Whiskey continues to garner interest from consumers as they are focused on brands with authenticity, history and a taste for American heritage.  

The wine industry advanced to its 20th consecutive year of gains.  New brands, line extensions and great harvests contributed to wine increasing 2.2%, landing at 326.0 million 9-liter cases.  With more states offering direct-to-consumer shipping, these numbers are expected to increase.

The beer industry experienced positive results in high-end offerings such as craft beer, but those could not offset losses in the larger categories.  Despite an increase in advertising, the year ended with a 1.6% decrease, bringing the level down to 2.8 billion 2.25-gallon cases.

“Craft beer’s momentum continues to build with no signs of slowing,” according to Adam Rogers, Manager of Information Services for the Beverage Information Group, Norwalk, Conn.  “Today’s consumer seeks a brew that is distinctive, region-based and high-quality with a compelling story, and craft breweries are more than willing to provide it.”

The Handbook Advance 2014 hard copy or PDF edition is $945; Handbook with CD is $1,145.  Shipping and handling is $15 for US orders, $25 for all other orders.  They can be purchased at or by calling Cynthia Porter at (630) 762-8709. 



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•Consumers Spending More On-Premise


On-Premise Beverage Alcohol Consumption Increases After Five Year Decline, According to Just-Released Cheers BARometer Report 

Just as the overall economy has been slowly stabilizing, so has the on-premise segment.  After almost five years of steep declines, 2012 marked the first year of modest beverage alcohol consumption increases, with spirits and wine leading the push into positive territory.

While both on- and off-premise suffered duringthe recessionary years, the on-premise was hit harder as consumers consumed more alcohol at home, ordered lower priced beverages, or drank less overall.  Consumers are now spending more, but are still cautious.  According to the Beverage Information Group’s Cheers On-Premise BARometer Handbook 2013, spirits consumption increased 1.6%, wine 0.5% and beer only 0.1% on-premise.

In this 10th edition of the handbook, the BARometer data - which focuses on beverage alcohol trends – now includes preliminary consumption figures for 2013.  Also added this year is critical consumer information for the on-premise segment.  We tap into the drinking habits of Hispanics, a growing and rapidly assimilating segment of U.S. consumers. Their spending power makes this segment an important part of the beverage landscape. 

Three category experts also give us their thoughts on the on-premise market: Paul Pacult, Editor of F. Paul Pacult’s Spirit Journal, discusses critical factors influencing the spirits world; Stephen Beaumont, hospitality consultant and educator, gives us his take on beer; and Doug Frost, wine consultant and both a Master Sommelier and Master of Wine, reports on up and coming wine styles.

The Cheers On-Premise BARometer Handbook is the industry’s leading report on beer, wine and spirits consumption in bars, clubs, hotels and restaurants. The handbook includes in-depth research regarding volume, sales and consumer opinion. The Cheers OnTrac Bar Managers Study provides a comprehensive report on beverage alcohol trends, distribution, sales and marketing in the on-premise segment.

The cost of the full edition is $4,995; with CD $5,495.  The Spirits Edition is $3,350; with CD $3,850.  The Wine Edition is $3,100; with CD $3,600.  The Beer Edition is $2,350; with CD $2,850.  Shipping and handling: $15 for US orders, $25 for all other orders.  The handbook/CD can be purchased at or by calling Cynthia Porter at (630) 762-8709.



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