Cheers On-Premise BARometer Handbook: Fighting for Occasions

The old saying in the beverage alcohol business is that it is recession-proof — when times are good, people drink and when times are bad, people drink. If you go back a few years and ask any supplier, distributor, retailer or on-premise operator if this held true during the Great Recession (which began in December 2007 and ended in June 2009 according to the US National Bureau of Economic Research), you’ll likely get a varied response. In the interim, the consumer has changed: they are smarter about spirits, wine and beer. From being able to name esoteric labels to understanding competitive pricing, this new consumer is well-informed and demanding, expecting quality and value. One thing we all can agree on is that people are still drinking.  The question amongst the industry since the recession is what, when and why?

Beverage trends in dining out venues continue to evolve.  So how does the on-premise environment adapt?  The eleventh edition of the Cheers On-Premise BARometer Handbook is the most comprehensive statistical report available on trends in adult beverages in restaurants, hotels, bars and clubs. This year’s Handbook is the premier research tool for increasing your profitability by better understanding rapidly changing beverage trends in the restaurant and bar industry. It provides actionable insights based on solid data that has been interpreted and analyzed by experienced industry professionals.  In addition, as food and drink are inextricably linked, we also look at dining trends as they relate to beverage consumption and the growing influence of chefs on the bar.

To help you make the leap from theory to practice, we have added examples of brands and businesses that are successfully capitalizing on trends. In addition, we have asked experts in their respective categories to contribute their thoughts on what is happening in the on-premise:

  • Paul Pacult, Editor of Paul Pacult’s Spirit Journal brings us back to the basics of hospitality, discussing what we should pay attention to in the spirits world and why.
  • Stephen Beaumont, hospitality consultant and educator, talks about the buzz in the beer world and how knowledge is king.
  • Doug Frost, wine consultant and both a Master Sommelier and Master of Wine, speaks to restaurateurs across the country and gather their thoughts on wine styles worth watching, and which ones are gathering dust.

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