Information Services & Custom Research

Providing Information Services for all of your data needs!

The Beverage Information &  Insights Group is proud to introduce our Shelftrac, Pricetrac, and Promotrac tracking services to help fulfill your brand's needs. Information services offered:

  • Display Tracking
  • Shelf Stocking Studies
  • Competitive Price Tracking
  • Retailer Intelligence Surveys
  • Custom In-store Audits
  • Gift Package & VAP Tracking
  • Store Validations
  • On-Premise & Off-Premise

If your research needs are unique and our handbooks, electronic products and databases do not quite provide what you are looking for, we also offer custom solutions tailored to your needs.  Our services include historical data reports, cross-category data mining, forecasting, category comparisons, brand analysis and more.Below are a few examples of custom research projects we have performed.

Client: A leading beer supplier

Objective: To understand the correlation between the growth of wine brands over the last three decades and the rise of craft beer brands.

Outcome: We provided a thirty-year analysis of the leading wine and craft beer companies and their percent share of market.  Leading table wine brands were examined by share relative to the numbers of SKUs in the marketplace by year. Similarly, the number of craft beer brands and companies were shared over time.

Client: Top beverage alcohol supplier

Objective: To consolidate the company's historical brand portfolio into a single data source.

Outcome: We compiled 40+ years of the supplier's leading brands and the top 10 brands overall by distilled spirits volume.  Additionally, historical consumption data in gallons and retail spend by spirit, wine and beer categories were provided.

Client: Imported beer supplier

Objective: To provide statistics on the leading Asian beer brands in the U.S.

Outcome: A comprehensive historical analysis of leading Asian brands was assembled that tracked the leading brands, by volume, percent share and advertising expenditures.





To discuss your project timing and specifications, please contact Marina Velez at (763) 383-4400 ext. 2212 or via email at