2015 Adult Beverage Executive Analysis & Scorecard

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Stay on top of the latest trends in the beverage alcohol industry with the 2015 Adult Beverage Executive Analysis and Scorecard. 

This presentation features hand selected data from the 2015 Handbook Advance with key decision makers in mind.  Includes vital brand and category data, and critical information on the most recent beverage alcohol industry developments. 

Highlights of this 24-page analysis include: beverage alcohol trends, category growth rates, on- and off-premise channel trends, new brand introductions, advertising expenditures and more.


Industry Growth and Performance


Spirits - Thousands of 9-Liter Cases

  • Consumption by Price Tier, 2014p
  • Fast Track Spirit Brands
  • Distilled Spirits Consumption by Category, 2013-14p
  • Leading Distilled Spirits Suppliers, 2014
  • Leading Brands of Spirits, Volume and Ad Spend
  • Leading Spirits Suppliers by Volume
  • Spirits Category Shares by Category, 2014p
  • Spirits Category Analysis: Whiskey
  • Spirits Category Analysis: Non-Whiskey

Wine - Thousands of 9-Liter Cases

  • Wine Consumption by Category, 2013-14p
  • Fast Track Wine Brands
  • Direct Shipping by Price Category, 2014
  • Leading Wine Suppliers, 2013-14p
  • On-Premise Domestic Table Wine Consumption by Varietal
  • Leading Brands of Wine, Volume and Ad Spend
  • Wine Category Analysis

Beer - Thousands of 2.25-Gallon Cases

  • Consumption of Beer by Category, 2013-14p
  • Flavored Malt Beverages Consumption
  • Cider Consumption
  • Craft Beer Companies
  • Beer Shipments by Supplier, 2014p
  • Leading Brands of Beer, Volume and Ad Spend
  • Beer Category Analysis

On- and Off Premise 

  • On- vs. Off-Premise Retail Dollar Sales, 2013-2014p
  • On- vs. Off-Premise Case Sales, 2013-2014p

Forecasted Trends to Watch


Publication Date: April 2015

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